Feedback from students who participated in previous Active Revision courses…

Feedback from @ Gordonstoun Revision

Statistics from Students at the end of the course…


Do you feel more confident about your exams since coming on this course?


2. Would you recommend this course to a friend?


3. Did you feel it was useful to break up the revision with activity?


4. Do you think that the brain boosters made you more focused?


5. Overall was the course useful?


6. Overall was the course enjoyable?

Comments from Students and the end of the course…

About the morning revision sessions“ I thought 90 minutes was going to be too long… but it’s not long enough!”

At the afternoon break “ I’ve learnt so much… it’s so much better than revising at home”

At the afternoon break “This morning’s yoga feels like it was yesterday… it is going by so quickly”

About the active session ‘Invasion games’ : “ we so should do more of those”


“The thing that has surprised me most is the yoga.  I had never done it before, it is really good, I will definitely go again tomorrow”

“Being active does help take your mind off the stress of exams”

“I have learnt to focus on past papers and find exam questions to go through”

“this is totally in line with what I have been doing in my school, it is really helpful and I will keep the vocab list to hand next time I am writing”

Quotes from Parents…

Just a quick email to say thanks very much for organising the active revision course. Alex really enjoyed it. He said the pupils were great, the staff were all fantastic and he genuinely thinks he learnt a lot. Overall a great experience for him.

I am not sure he will be doing Yoga himself at 7.15 each morning, but you never know!

Our daughter is now tuned into eating for studying and has been asking for some of the foods linked with enhancing studying. She has also started to work exercise into her study planning.

Dylan thoroughly enjoyed his time with you, to the extent he wished it had lasted two weeks rather than one! He commented that there was a perfect balance between study, activity and social and he found all elements to be extremely beneficial.

We would certainly like to be kept up to date with future activities, including summer camps and revision courses.

After spending a week at your school, we have noticed that he has started to display more mature attitude not only towards studies, but has generally become more independent and responsible.

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